Tuesday Morning Ladies Toptracer League

How the leagues works:
FORMAT: During the season, each team consists of 2 players, an ‘A’ player and a ‘B’ player.  Each team match will consist of 2 individual best ball matches (A vs A, B vs B) that are worth 11 pts each (22 total for the team).  Each hole is worth 1 pt, and winning your match is worth 2 additional points – ties will split points.  Teams will accumulate points during the round robin matches and will be placed into a playoff bracket  
Experienced and beginner golfer welcome.
All players will be given a handicap that's updated weekly by our system. Toptracer simulator will be played under the comfort of our heated outdoor bays and lounge area. Toptracer offers the opporutnity for golfers to stay on top of their game during the long winters of Wisconsin. You will be ready to go once spring comes around. TopTracer simulator will allow players to play in different courses each week, from Pebble Beach to Royal St Georges and many more. Aside of a great fun time, this league will include cash payouts for winners and a competitive atmosphere. Sign up!

How to sign up: 
  • Sign up online HERE 
    • Tuesday 10:00 am
  • Find a partner, and register your team. 
    • Must have a partner to sign up!   
  • The league fee is $160 total for a team 
    •  (Players must purchase their own bucket of balls each week) 

Here are the dates: 
Week 1: February 21
Week 2: February 28
Week 3: March 7
Week 4: March 14
Week 5: March 21
Week 6: March 28 

Time: 10:00AM

      Contact Megan Morris 
wimorris6@aol.com 414-429-1134