Team 262
Lead Coach, Mary Hafeman, PGA & LPGA

New scheduled time in 2019 to accommodate for more play on regulation course and schedules for girls playing on High School teams.

Team 262 is dedicated to developing competitive Junior Golfers in a team environment. It’s the next step after PGA Junior League play.

We will help them to improve technical skills, practice habits, playing skills, knowledge of the game, and build character in our youth players. 

We will help your child learn and build confidence in situations and themselves.

Any golfer, girls or boys who are currently in 8th grade to 12th grade is eligible to participate.

High School golf is played in a TEAM environment. Golf is an individual sport but is played as a team in both high school and college.  Practicing within a team environment, promotes learning, FUN, allows your child to become comfortable playing on a team. 

Practices: Tuesday mornings from 8:15 am to 10:30 am at Missing Links – some practices will involve play at Mee Kwon Golf Club in Mequon.  I will notify parents in advance to bring your child to Mee Kwon GC which is 5 minutes from Missing Links   

Tuition: $375.00 per youth includes 7 practices and 1 Private 30- minute lesson with Lead Coach Mary Hafeman, PGA & LPGA 

Scheduled dates June 25, July 9, 16, 23, 30, August 6, 13, 2019
Maximum of 20 youth will practice and play both  transfer training skill games and competitively on teams and individually on the course.  


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For more information please contact Mary Hafeman, PGA & LPGA professional – 904-233-0989 or