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Scott Appleby 

2021 1/2 Hour Junior 1 Hour Junior 1/2 Hour Adult 1 Hour Adult
Scott Appleby $75.00 NA $90.00 NA

cell 414-467-6618
Linear Force Golf Authorized Instructor

Scott has been a professional golf instructor for the past 15 years. He currently teaches at Missing Links Golf Course & Driving Range, as well as at Brookfield Golf Outlet. Scott's knowledge of golf comes from extensive study gathered through his life passion for the game. He is the only certified Geometrically Oriented Linear Force instructor in the state of Wisconsin. Scott uses the cutting-edgeK-Vest 3D Motion Analysis for all of his lessons, as it allows him to interpret the dynamics of each individual's golf swing and provide them with customized instruction for improvement. Scott's method of instruction is based on physics and seeks to eliminate human compensations, leaving the student with a repeatable and self-correcting golf swing.