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Scott Appleby

cell 414-467-6618
Linear Force Golf Authorized Instructor


  • $90 (Adult) ½ hr session 
  • $75 (Junior) ½ hr session 

Scott Appleby has been a professional golf instructor for more than 30 years. Scott has developed numerous club champions along with garnering multiple junior competitive accomplishments. His golfing knowledge comes from extensive study gathered through his life passion. Scott is certified with Geometrically Oriented Linear Force and K-Vest. His method of instruction is based on physics, and seeks to eliminate human compensations, leaving the student with a repeatable and self-correcting golf swing. 
Scott brings the ultimate ball tracking technology with Flight Scope and two golf simulators. A Golf Simulator is available for lessons, personal practice, and entertainment. These unique features, along with K-Vest 3-D Motion Analysis, enhance the lesson experience. Students at all levels can truly benefit from the information and training instruction through the Flight Scope, K-Vest system and the golf simulator as interpreted by Scott. Scott’s extensive experience with golf instruction leads to proven results. His unparalleled ability to be both high-tech and practical in his instruction, makes improvement easy to attain for all.