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Greg can be reached directly at Missing Links, Concordia University at 262-243-2069, OR OR his  cell 262-894-1798.

Junior Rates:
30 minutes  $45 
60 minutes  $75 
Adult Rates:
30 minutes   $60
60 minutes   $110

3 -   $285
5 -   $495
10 - $850

Greg has been a PGA Member since 1989 and during this time has helped many golfers along the way with both their game and equipment.  Doing it right is always paramount in the process of building a better golfer.  Better golf will create more enjoyment and lead to more rounds of golf played during the season.
Greg studied the teaching methods and philosophy of Manual de la Torre of the Milwaukee Country Club, who has been recognized as one of the greatest instructors of all time by the PGA of America, first among the notable organizations and awards Manual received over the years.
Using the principles of Swing the Clubhead, Greg has used this method for the past 30 years with great success.  The concept is to simply allow the true swinging action of a club to not be impeded by tension in the body.  This will allow for greater club head speed –which in turn will create greater distance for that shot.  This concept is repeatable and easier to understand for an open-minded student!  If this description fits your thought process, please feel free to reach out to Greg to schedule a lesson.