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Junior Golf Camp/League Gift Certificate

*Ages 10 to 17 years*


  • Nine weeks (plus one bonus week built-in for make-ups)
  • NOTE: Junior player MUST have at least 4 hours of prior golf instruction in order to participate in the league


  • Junior League at Missing Links is the perfect opportunity to put all the golf instruction to use and have some fun on the course.
  • The mission of Junior League is to familiarize the young player with the game of golf.
  • Concentrates on four key elements: 1) Rules, 2) Etiquette, 3) Teaching different games to play on the course, & 4) Exposing children to networking with peers of similar age & interest. No swing instructions are given during the league.
  • Last day includes a pizza banquette with awards.
For 2012 dates & times, click here.